• Image of Daily Commute Cover 3
  • Image of Daily Commute Cover 3

aily Commute Hard Cover Book by Michael del Mundo

Comes in 3 different covers of your choice.

8" x 5.75"
Hard Cover
84 Pages

Special Features:

Included is an artist signature, done with a feather donated by a local pigeon, and an original sketch...enjoy!

About this Book:

DAILY COMMUTE is a real life documentation of the public transportation system, taken over the span of 1 year. With Toronto as the landscape, I sought out to capture the entire city in 12 months, in chronological order. What I noticed is how humans have almost developed into a "cattle" like mind state, as depicted in the book. After dodging multiple attacks, fair dodging, purse smacking, various insults, and awkward moments; I present to you, a visual story of the average human being, surviving and maintaining sanity. With the one thing that many have in common, the Daily Commute. My self defence / confidence has never been tested like this, ever.